Hi People!

Connor Green here – owner of Spark Fitness.

‍I have seen way more people be successful in health and fitness doing 1x/week than I have 6x/week. 

‍This is what happens 99.9% of the time…

Person A thinks:

“I’m going to make up for lost time. More is better. I’m going to absolutely crush this. 6x/week it is!”

What happens:

MAYBE a maximum of 2-3 weeks of this happens. Then, nothing. Complete fall off until “next year”. Net outcome 1 year later: zero progress.

Person B thinks:

“Something is always better than nothing. I’m going to be consistent. If I don’t quit, I can’t lose”. 

What happens:

MAYBE a maximum of 2 months goes by. Then, this client starts coming 2x/week. A few more months goes by. Then, person B is making is 3x/week, and maybe even finds the time for 4. Net outcome 1 year later: transformation. 

Take aways

  • You can’t make up for not doing anything for the last year by coming more than your body/schedule can handle. Start where you are today. 
  • Consistency is everything. 
  • If you don’t quit you can’t lose. 
  • Start slow and your progress will snowball. 
  • Start fast and your progress will stall. 

If you struggle with starting too fast and then falling off… here is exactly what you do:

  1. Decide what the MINIMUM amount of training you can do consistently is. This literally might be 1x/week.
  2. Start today.
  3. In 30 days, add 1x/per week.
  4. In another 30 days add 1x/week.

You can do this 1:1 with a personal trainer, in semi-private training, in group sessions, or at home!

‍This will work. Jumping right to 6…well…I just haven’t seen that happen very much…

Connor “1 Time” Green

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