About The Gym

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What makes Spark Fitness different?

Once you come in you will realize this is not your average gym
  1. We are technique fanatics. We pride ourselves on having truly excellent technique. This is primarily why our injury rate is so low.
  2. We focus on optimal training – NOT intense training. Our staff spends much more time telling people to slow down and focus on form than we do cheerleading.
  3. We guarantee results. We help members set goals, lay out personalized plans, track attendance, and results. We keep you accountable with a weekly check-in, monthly body composition analysis, and quarterly progress reviews.

Meet Our Team

  • Keenan Stott Coach At CrossFit Gym In North Hollywood
    Keenan Stott
  • Javier Tejada Coach At Personal Training Gym In North Hills, CA
    Javier Tejada
  • Gabriel Grier Coach At CrossFit Gym In Sherman Oaks, California
    Gabriel Grier
  • Connor Green Coach At CrossFit Gym In North Hollywood
    Connor Green

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