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    We approach fitness with a 10-year view. Everything we do today is meant to build us up for tomorrow. Our motto is “Never ruin tomorrow’s workout today.” We are technique and safety fanatics, we believe in getting better in small increments every single day, emphasize recovery, and quality of life outside of the gym. We have almost zero injuries or intense soreness, ever. We believe being strong is the key to pain free longevity.

    What do people say about us?

    • Great gym. Connor and his team of trainers are the best. Connor tailors individual workout plans very well and is very knowledgeable to get clients to their goals. Gained a lot of strength in a short amount of time and have seen great results on my current workout and meal plan. Definitely would recommend this gym to anyone looking to improve their health and overall strength.

      Angel G.
    • I LOVE MY NEW BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!! Connor, Lil and Gabe are Great ….no wait, they are phenomenal coaches that provide an amazing training program tailored to different levels. I actually enjoy working out since I became a member at parkside lol. #JUSTSHOWUP #LETSGETHUGE #lightweight #yeahbuddy #tacoaboutawod

      Joselyne J.
    • I’ve been a member at Parkside for over a year now and I have found a box home that’s full of love and like minded individuals. I’ve done XFit at other gyms but Parkside is truly something special. Owner, Connor is so genuine and really cares about everyone reaching their true potential and meeting their own goals. The community is also super supportive and won’t leave anyone behind (literally) and will run an extra 400 meters to cheer you on to finish the workout. I’m so grateful for my Parkside fam and for Connor!

      Andrea F.
    • Connor is patient and a hardworking trainer and coach.
      Parkfit XFit has a team spirit with all kinds of great people working out there and encouraging one another.
      Their positive attitude and encouragement helps keep me motivated and I appreciate their patience with me.
      I highly recommend.

      Mark R.

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