Group Sessions

The Best Group Sessions in North Hollywood
Group Fitness In North Hollywood, California

These are coach led group strength and conditioning workouts that are no more than an hour. They’re designed to relieve joint pain, work up a sweat, build muscle, and gain fat.

Our Methodology is simple:

  • Technique is paramount. We are relentless in ensuring all of our members have technique that even a layperson would envy.
  • We get strong through strength training, everyday. This is the only way to build muscle, gain power, and build bone density.
  • We relieve aches and pains, and prevent injuries. 1 in 2 of our members reports having back pain prior to joining the gym, and then quickly after joining it goes away. We improve our flexibility and mobility daily.
  • We train optimally. We do not do mindless intensity or volume. We preach only being moderately sore and doing the exactly correct weight/sets/reps for you on that day. We do just enough to get optimal results, nothing more, nothing less. We are here to guide you through this.
  • We take a holistic approach. We help our members make small changes in their lives that have a ripple effect to all areas of their lives.

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