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‍If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they needed to start going to the gym before they go to CrossFit… I’d have way more than a few dollars.

Firstly, that’s not true.

You don’t need to be in shape before you start CrossFit.

Come exactly as you are.

Now, I totally believe that many people that believe you have to be in shape to start have probably had a bad experience at a CrossFit gym before.

Picture it: you are just starting. You go and try a class. No one knows a thing about your background.

So the “coach” pushes you throughout the workout. You barely make it – but maybe it felt good to work that hard.

But then… the next day.

You’re so sore you can barely move, and it doesn’t really get better for well over a week.

So you don’t go back – it’s “too intense”.

At Spark Fitness, we do EXACTLY the opposite.

Your journey looks like this:

  1. You start with a “Free Intro” where we sit down and chat about your goals, injury history, and how to best coach you and get you to your desired health/fitness. You’re not just tossed into a high intensity workout with no context!
  2. Then, you’d do our “Fundamentals Program” – which is a series of one-ones centered on technique with very approachable workouts. You leave feeling like “I can totally do this.” No puking. No intense soreness.
  3. Then, you’d continue training 1:1 (it’s the best way to get results) or you’d move into classes. The coach in class everyday would help you do the appropriate workout for you that day.
  4. We check in on you, check your attendance, track your results, and help guide you to your goal.

Quite frankly, it works 100% of the time.

Don’t get in shape to do CrossFit, do CrossFit to get in shape.


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