It’s LA. It’s July. It’s hot. 

We have insulation, fans and lots of water, but… it is still going to feel hot, and… guess what…

While it’s not everyone’s favorite time of year to workout, there are significant benefits to working out in the heat!

Here are just a few:

1. Working out in the heat causes the body to lower its resting body temperature.

The body normally produces a large amount of heat just to keep warm; heat training causes it to adapt by producing less heat.

2. It causes your body to increase it’s sweat rate.

Heat-trained athletes may sweat 50 percent more than other athletes, or three times as much as amateur trainees. Heat-trained athletes also start sweating earlier, so that the body preemptively cools itself rather than waiting until it starts to become too hot.

3. Working out in the heat causes your body to raise your blood plasma volume.

This helps the blood transport nutrients through the body, and may also help the body cool itself. It also protects the body against the dangers of dehydration—more plasma protects the blood from getting excessively thick as the body dehydrates.

4. Your left ventricle gets stronger – so you have a healthier heart!

In other words, your heart pumps more blood, faster.

5. The body adapts on a cellular level.

Individual cells improve their heat tolerance, adapting to better withstand heat stress, making you even more of a bad ass!

‍Of course, always listen to your body, drink plenty of water, and stay safe! Just remember – the heat is not all bad and can confer benefits to your training and life!

‍-Connor “Heat” Green

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