Hello world!!

‍It’s me. Connor Green again. Owner of Spark Fitness.

We are starting a new milestone process at the gym!

Check ins are tracked by our system at the gym. This is one way we help keep people accountable and see how we can help improve their fitness and overall health.

Knowing for a fact how often you train is crucial! I’ve asked people before if they are 100% positive they check in (yes), and how often they think they attend and heard 3-4, when in fact the data says 1!

That is a huge piece of information. Sometimes losing weight and gaining muscle is as simple as attending class more! I’ve literally seen people get no results for months, be confronted in a VERY friendly way that they only attend 1x/week, bump up to 3x and then get amazing results…


Everyone will receive a little personalized (but still auto) text when they complete these check in milestones:

1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 250, 500, and 1000!

We are working on developing certain “gifts” and “honors” when members reach the later milestones. 3x/week for 3.5 years would get you around 500!! You can already see what an amazing accomplishment 1000 would be.

Check in so we can help you get better results, and then we can celebrate your commitment to yourself when you reach these milestones!!

Connor “Milestones” Green

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