We just wrapped up our first competition as a gym since the pandemic and it was awesome!

‍Shout out to everyone that competed – Ignacio, Jose, Keenan, Javier, Gabe, and even I, Connor, joined in!

‍Ignacio, Gabe, and Javier took 2nd place in Men’s intermediate category!

‍EXTREMELY special shout out to the members that showed up to support, like Donna, Noemi, Ruby, and Becca. Becca took hours of video and photos. Donna and Ruby came SUPER prepared with snacks, water, first aid, chairs, a tent and more!! It was really amazing.

‍As I reflect on this competition – I am reminded that competing is not about the competition.

‍Whenever I say “competition”, people seem to think I’m saying “embarrassment”, or “judgement”.

‍And this just isn’t that.

‍This kind of competing is not about placing or winning.

‍It’s about the community and about the “I did it”.

‍That “I did it” is very special and powerful.

‍Not once in almost 2 decades of fitness have I ever seen a single person regret competing. In fact, it’s always a major positive, that is motivating and builds confidence.

‍It changes who you are fundamentally at a person. You’re THAT person now. THAT person that does fitness competitions. It’s not about winning or placing – it really is about what happens in you.

‍As a group we hung out, got to know each other, experienced firsts, did some shopping at the vendors present at the competition, met members from other gyms, and supported everyone the entire time.

‍Doing something difficult with like minded people forms an incredible bond.

‍I wish you could have been there.

‍Hopefully you’ll be at the next CrossFit competition in October!

‍Up next for us: powerlifting meet in July.


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