If you learn anything from me, please let it be this: working out is not a good way to lose weight.

It’s just not.

ALMOST everyone thinks it is.

You cannot outwork a bad diet. 

Let me tell you 2 all too common short stories – based on MANY true events.

First story: someone comes to the gym and wants to lose weight.

So they come to the gym 5, 6 times a week and does their own difficult hike on the 7th day.

Repeat for 4, 5 or 6 months. 

While doing that their fitness has improved drastically. They’re stronger, faster, and more fit.

But they don’t lose weight.

They cancel, and it’s the gyms fault. Or maybe it’s genetics – they are just the most unlucky person in the world.

Everyone else just has it easier.

I sat down with this person and was like, “WTF are you cancelling for? You’re killing it!!”

They literally said to me… “The gyms great. It just doesn’t work.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

The response, “I haven’t lost weight.”

I took a second. I felt myself get angry.

“What is your diet like?”

Response: “Well, since I’ve been training so much I haven’t had time to eat at home. I mostly eat fast food. But I’m working out so much that it doesn’t matter.”

This was the actual response. 

I’m not joking. 

They eat fast-food 7 days a week, and it’s our fault they didn’t lose weight.

If only!!!

Lesson: most people eat a worse diet when they start working out because they think that working out some how makes room for junk food. 

It. Does. Not.

Second lesson: If you want to lose weight, and you don’t… it’s not the gym’s fault. If you’re not improving your nutrition, you’re not going to lose weight. 


Next story.

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Well… the person I have in mind wanted personal training. Lots of it.

And they wanted to lose weight. 

I said, “Personal training is great. But you really need our nutrition program.”

The response: “My nutrition is fine. I don’t need that.”

I said through my teeth, “Ok”.

Personal training 3x/week for 5 months goes by… and guess what… they didn’t drop a single pound. 

Frustrated, they relented and finally joined our nutrition program.

And BOOM! Down 16lbs in 1 month.

5 months and $1000s of dollars in personal training and no weight loss. (LOTS of fitness improvements, just no weight drop)

A SINGLE month of nutrition and they made more progress than they had in the prior 6 years. 

The lesson: you need to improve your nutrition if you want to lose weight, and the reality is you probably don’t know what to do, otherwise you would have already done it. 

Don’t approach nutrition with ego – approach it with an open mind.

It’s 80% of the battle.

And it is what makes a weight loss program a weight loss program.

Without it… don’t be upset you don’t lose weight.

That’s like running and expecting to gain muscle. 

Running just isn’t a muscle building program.

And working out isn’t a weightless program without the nutrition. 


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