Hello everyone on the internet!

‍My name is Connor Green and I own Spark Fitness in North Hollywood and Metcon Long Beach in Long Beach!

I’ll keep this short and simple. 

I had 7 surgeries by the time I was 20. Cancer, blood clot – you name it! I almost died, but made it through everything, and… my body was pretty messed up. 

I became obsessed with getting back to normal function – and then high function – and in that process I started helping other people. 

And now… here I am! 16 years of coaching later, doing what I love on a daily basis. 

I used to hate my body very deeply. I was almost 6ft 3, 150lbs (skinny as a rail) and CONSTANTLY in terrible pain. But it turns out, everything I went through and all the mistakes I made are exactly what make our fitness program so special!

I wasn’t just gifted and always good at athletics (like most trainers) I had to overcome some serious issues, and as a result, we’re really good at helping people!

A quick story: I bought Spark Fitness 5 years ago from the previous owner and masters Games comeptitor, Randy Mulkey. 

3 years before that I was living in Minnesota – studying Spanish and Film Production – and came to LA for a visit and dropped in to Parkside to workout while I was staying in the area!

A few years later after graduating, I moved close enough to attend the gym as a member, and eventually took it over!

Guess it was meant to be!

‍After 5 years my primary goal is to expand our impact and one way I am doing that is by blogging! I wrote about what a PR is here, wrote an amazing weight loss program here and why competition is not about the competition here!

– Connor

When you’re ready to work together, we have options:

‍1) Book an appointment with me here. OR

2) Shoot an email to [email protected]

3) Connect with me on instagram @connorgreen3000 or @parksidecrossfit