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Today I’m going to outline what an AMAZING weight loss program looks like. In a future blog I’m going to illustrate in detail what a terrible weight loss program looks like…

Here are the cliff notes:

What everyone thinks is a weight loss program: intense cardio 5, 6 7 days per week.

That is a remarkably bad strategy for weight loss, and it’s what everyone tries to do. I wrote another piece about that here.

Here is an amazing weight loss program that we have given to hundreds of people with 100% effectiveness, while hardly being sore, having plenty of time for yourself, and never getting injured:

  • sleeping 8 hours per night.
  • drinking lots of water.
  • swapping out junk food for fruits, vegetables, and protein sources.
  • Removing key stressors from your life.
  • Strength training 1-3x/week for 30-45mins.
  • walking 20-30 mins/day. 

Notice how working out is a SMALL component of this.

But this program works. Every. Single. Time. 

You will be happier and healthier doing this, and you will lose weight, guaranteed. 

You cannot try and use intense conditioning workouts to overcome not sleeping, only drinking coffee, consuming junk food and alcohol, being constantly stressed, and not moving. It doesn’t work – ask just about anyone who has tried.

NOTICE – this only involves about 30-90 mins in the gym PER WEEK. PER FREAKING WEEK PEOPLE.

In fact, I have one-one clients RIGHT NOW that have lost 100lbs WITHOUT working out. FOR A SINGLE MINUTE.

Use the gym to get strong. Use the gym to make friends. Do not use the gym to lose weight.

We coach people through programs that actually work on a regular basis and we can help you with it – whether you are local to North Hollywood, or any where else in the world!

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