Connor here – owner of Spark Fitness.

This is a question I get all the time. 

People almost always seem to think if they can’t do 2 a days for 2 hours a session then they are just waisting their time. 

Or if they can’t go 5 days per week, then they’ll be waisting their time.

And that’s not true. 

In fact, if you go from 0 hours of exercise per week to 3, your chances of dying from “All Cause Mortality” – that is, EVERYTHING – go down 50%.

50% less likely to die in your day to day life by working out 3 hours per week. Imagine the impact that has overtime.

You might not get your dream body that way, but that still sounds pretty freaking amazing to me.

This is why we ALWAYS say, “something is better than nothing”.

We have clients that have to show up late and only get in 30 mins of a class. 

Not only is that ok – we encourage it. We have a system to make sure that person is taken care of, warmed up, and can still get in an effective workout.

Get this – we have people that get outstanding results on 2 to 3 thirty minute personal training sessions per week. I’m talking, lost 30 to 40 lbs, and feeling better than ever on 1 hour of training total per week. (Click here to book an in person appointment to chat about how just 1 hour of personal training per week can be the catalyst you need!)

Don’t sell yourself short

Just do something (even if it feels like hardly anything) consistently.

Connor “Better Than Nothing” Green

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