What is a “Free Intro”?

‍A Free Intro is a quick, no obligation introduction to our gym. You meet one-one with the General Manager or Owner of the location. We have you fill out an intake form detailing your goals, injury history, athletic history, brief medical history, and ultimately it helps us figure out what program will be best for you! When we get a complete picture of what you are trying to accomplish, we make a program recommendation.

‍If we don’t have a program that will get you to your goals, then there is no obligation. If the program fits, then we sign you up and start the client onboarding process.

‍Generally this process takes no longer than 30 minutes.

Why Should You Book One?

‍Simply, it is the best way for you to start a new fitness journey! It is far superior to a “free trial” because it is safer and proven to get people better results.

‍Imagine this – you have a history of knee pain and you go try a free intense workout class where the coach and other members have no idea you have this knee pain. They won’t be able to do a good job of helping you rehab/avoid anything that will flare up your knee, just because they don’t have enough information about you.

‍Or imagine classes are just not a good fit for you. You would be very surprised at the number of people that have tried several different types of group fitness, only to find out that personal training is really what they need during their Free Intro – or visa versa!

‍How can we possibly make sure to help you get better results here than you ever have before if we don’t know anything about you? Well, we can’t. This is why we have the Free Intro!

Is a Free Intro Only for Beginners?

‍No, it’s not. Regardless of experience level you can benefit. Personally, it would be a red flag if the gym I wanted to attend didn’t want to meet me ahead of time to at least cover basic sign up/gym procedures and welcome me to the gym. If you are experienced and know exactly what you want, you can set up an intro and be done in less than 10 minutes!

Bonus Info:

‍A Free Intro process allows us to select our members carefully – simply put, if you are a bad fit (negative energy, bad attitude) then we don’t sign you up! This allows us to carefully build our culture and protect our membership base!

‍Almost all of the reasons people fail at their health and fitness goals have nothing to do with the actual training – it has to do with lifestyle factors. During the Free Intro we can identify and get ahead of these things.


‍When you’re ready to work together, we have options:‍

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